Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Boyfriend is a Vampire Chapter 24

When his sharp fangs touched the nape of my neck, I felt shocking senses arouse inside of me. The destined meeting between Yoo Da-in, a guy often mistaken as a girl because of his beauty and Seo Kang-hoo, a handsome hunk that even guys would fall for. Yoo Da-in is b.i.t.t.e.n. by Seo Kang-hoo, causing his heart to stop. I definitely died- but how did I become a girl?

Underachiever Touma, straight out of the country, has come to Tokyo in hopes to get into a good college. However, in Tokyo is Urara, an old friend of Touma who seems deeply in love with him yet Touma can't remember her and wants nothing to do with her. After Touma fails his first two attempts to get into college, he has one last chance, Keio University. When he feels there's no hope left for him, he runs into the girl of his dreams, the beautiful Meiko. Now Touma must pass this exam, especially to impress Meiko, who refuses to date anyone from any other school. But when good old Touma fails this exam, what's he to do in regards to Meiko? Lie of course! How is Urara going to take this though, who's completely engrossed Touma? Especially knowing how shallow Meiko is with guys.

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